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We are pleased to inform you that we receive almost daily hot list, both from the users of our devices, as well as other clients who have benefited from our services, thank you for your cooperation and for the purchased equipment.
Here are a few of them:


Pump egazmin passed. Badžo thank you for excellent service, which also raised our spirits in these difficult times.
Eve and Zbigniew Jaworski "

Ladies and Gentlemen

This way I would like to thank you for the quick intervention and replacement of engine in the queue lokomotywce park in Cichowo. Thus, a day later can become a passage 545 (!) passengers who took part in an event closed to the open air museum in Soplicowie terni. Throughout the day lokomotywka was tested every hour and checked the oil and the engine was observed. The results of these drives came out with very good results. Once again I thank you and encourage you to cooperate.
Roman Wikowski
CEO of SHK "

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